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Matt McFadyen

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Matt McFadyen

Matt McFadyen

Adventurer & Motivational Speaker

From dragging heavy sleds to the North Pole to sailing small yachts through some of the world's deadliest oceans. Adventurer Matt McFadyen has been there and done that. As an adventurer Matt has pushed himself and others to the ends of the earth, testing the limits of human potential. He has been part of three record-breaking expeditions to the North Pole and two long-haul sailing expeditions to Antarctica. He has been part of and led teams in some of the toughest conditions on the planet.

In 2004 accompanied by 4 like-minded individuals, 22-year-old Matt set sail onboard a 43-foot yacht bound for Antarctica, the 54-day expedition would take Matt and the crew across one of the deadliest and dangerous oceans on the planet The Great Southern Ocean. Storms of mammoth intensity would engulf the small yacht for days on end, testing the resolve of the 5 weary sailors.

A near-fatal knock down on their return home was the catalyst for change in Matt's life and the driver to continue raising the bar. 18 months after returning from Antarctica Matt became the youngest Australian to reach the North Pole. Matt has since returned to the North Pole on 2 more occasions as an expedition leader.

As a keynote speaker and facilitator Matt has worked with organizations all over the world to engage, align and inspire leaders and their teams. As a storyteller, he is world class. Inspirational. Relevant. Memorable. Using his unique personal experiences in the adventure world Matt has delivered over 500 presentations on 4 continents and partnered with organizations across all sectors of business to help drive and lead through change, implement and embed high-performance cultures and inspire and align teams.